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Our webpage design will ensure that your visitors take decisive action.

Proven Research

We conduct live engagement experiments to find the best possible layout.

Cohesive Collaboration

We work hand in hand with you to deliver your vision to the audience.

Website Visitors Think Quickly

The average website loses almost half its visitors within 4 seconds. Bold designs, clear-cut value statements and conversion rate optimization (CRO) will keep visitors longer and set your brand apart.

You focus on making an impact.

We'll take care of the web.

Ideal for Social Enterprise, Non-profits, and Charities.

We have expertise at every stage of the process, from drafting to delivery. While you do what you do best, we'll sort out the details and get your new page completely finished.

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LIIFT will breathe new life into your online presence.

In today’s competitive online climate, only a masterpiece will stand out from the rest. With our help, your brand can rise head and shoulders above the rest with CRO, attention-grabbing headlines, calls-to-action, and more.

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The science of attention technology, perfected.

Liift is more than a business. It's a philosophy.

Get more activity from site traffic

For many firms and organizations, web views are not a problem. The real trouble arises when trying to turn those views into actions. With our expert guidance and professional tips, you can capitalize on your viewership, to generate more engagement from the exposure you already have.

Data-Driven Decision-making

When it comes to important choices, experts know to trust the facts. A simple button can make the difference between 10% and 50% conversion rates. Liift carries out A/B testing for all major design decisions, to make certain that all our recommendations will make an impact.

We keep the user in mind. It's reflected in the experience we design.

Visitors will engage with a site when they feel comfortable, welcome, and can sense intuitively the purpose of the webpage. Conversions will feel as natural as opening a door or turning a key in the ignition. In other words, the most effective web presence will treat the visitors like people. With our guidance, you can select and measure the metrics that indicate your site’s performance, laser-focus your A/B engagement experiments, and understand the data.

Pleasing designs for screens everywhere.

Mobile websites are a hallmark of truly professional firms. Build trust with your users by proving your dedication to the quality of their experience.

Responsive Design

Our webpages adapt to any device so that they always look their best. No matter what screen someone is using, your page will always look the way you intend it to.

Targeted Content

Visitors navigate to webpages with a purpose. With our help, your site can be tailored to suit that purpose exquisitely, revealing insights about their intentions.

Harness the latest and greatest to do the most.

At the hands of our capable web development team, your website will be custom-built to work seamlessly on any browser or device. We observe best practices and make a concerted effort to stay updated on the latest technology.

Our support is designed for satisfaction.

We’re tired of automated emails and support calls, too. When you run into something that isn’t going the way it should, we vow to connect you with a living, breathing human who can resolve the situation.

Effective and engaging simplicity in design.

Thoreau said, 'Simplify.' We espouse this philosophy throughout our work.

Boost Click-through Rates

With the right call to action, your target market will feel right at home engaging with your brand’s website.

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Dan Barton quickly understood the nature of our project and the unique needs we required to take our project from idea to concept. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, he delivered the perfect solution on time and on budget at an incredibly affordable price.

Kirk Stinchcombe Victoria

Kirk StinchcombeFounder, Econics

Take a look at your website and imagine what your business would be like if you doubled or tripled your conversion rate, because that is the kind of success they generate. They understand conversion, user experience and design then apply it, and they get results.

Quality Service

Paul MacaraMortgage Broker, Invis Beyer

Though the results didn't happen overnight, with the help of LIIFT's awesome team we were able to iron out the kinks of the user experience on my pages to attract and convert more leads. And, after the fourth iteration, we suddenly saw our conversions jump 240%.

Great landing Page Design

Jaryd ZinkewichFounder

Conversion rate optimization is a secret weapon all businesses that manage a website need to be using. Liift provides a fantastic service - it's like having an extension of my team. They understand our needs, our industry, and how to convert more visitors into leads.

Quick Turn Around

Lindsay GouletFounder, Hot Mama Health & Fitness

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Meet the Team

Liift has a dynamic team of entrepreneurs, designers and marketing experts headquartered in Victoria British Columbia.

Peter Elkins

Advisor, Entrepreneur in Residence. Experience in all things entrepreneurial and business. Has a special talent for spotting hidden potential and opportunities.

Daniel Barton

Founder, Director of Growth and Customer Acquisition. Enjoys the finer details of a digital marketing projects, considering every stage of its journey from planning to completion.

Erin Athene

Advisor, Executive in Residence. Over 17 years of experience in Management Consulting Communications, Entrepreneurship, Investor Relations, and Start-ups.

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